Our primary business is mobile recording.  We come to your gig, rehearsal space and we record your band. We mix your music, master your songs and deliver your music to you in “Golden Standard” format.

We focus on keeping reasonable prices that you can afford. Instead of having you drag all your gear into an expensive recording studio with a complicated setup, and difficult schedules, we record at your gig or rehearsal, on your schedule, where you already are.  We use portable, professional-quality, all-digital multi-track equipment that’s quick to set up, and unobtrusive to your fans and your band. Recording demos, EPs and live albums hasn’t always been as difficult as most studios would like you to think.  If you need it, we can help with CD cover designs, duplication, websites with audio, and even band photos.

We won’t try to sell you stuff you don’t want. We charge you on a flat rate basis so there are no surprises. We won’t keep your recordings or retain any rights to them. You own the multi-track recordings, the masters, the artwork, and all the copyrights. You can sell them, take them to another studio, copy them all you want, or burn them. All we request is a payment and album credit.

We’re a small operation, and we like to keep it that way: We don’t charge a lot of money because we keep our overhead low. That means we won’t bring a PA system to your gig because we don’t have one. We won’t use $10,000 vintage Neumann microphones for your drum overheads because we don’t own any. We won’t talk you into spending 100 hours mixing your single, because we’d like you to be able to afford to keep making your music.