You’ve probably put a lot of time and hard work into your recordings and now they sound amazing but they still don’t come close to a professional released song.

That’s where I can help you. If you send me your tracks, you will get a professional mix at an easy and affordable per song flat rate model.

What’s included:

  • A first listening session to take note of the strength and weaknesses of your song
  • Gain staging and level setting
  • Creative panning to fill out the stereo field in a way that suits your song just right
  • Careful EQ to give each track its own space in the mix
  • Tasteful compression to add punch and energy to your tracks
  • Effects like reverbs and delays to enhance your song and add character and feel
  • Up to two revisions to make sure you leave with a mix that you’re perfectly happy with

What’s not included:

In the context of a mix I will not edit your tracks because that tends to take up a lot of time. Editing includes:

  • Vocal tuning
  • Drum editing and other time correction

Please make sure that your tracks satisfy you concerning timing and tuning before you send them my way for mixing or click here if you want me to take care of that for you as well.

100% Money Back Guarantee:

If you are absolutely unhappy with my mix and don’t see it working out then I’ll be happy to give you a complete refund. No questions asked.