Studio Notes

Recording Equipment: Shure PG57

At Bridge Recording it’s our mission to provide high quality recording at fair flat-rate prices.  Whether you are here to learn to start doing recording yourself or you are a musician getting ready to go into the studio we wanted to share some thoughts about a great microphone deal we ran into.

First, let me tell you we do NOT have a microphone vault to be envied.  We have quality microphones that do that job we need them to, but trust me we don’t have any $2000 dollar microphones laying around.

We will eventually create a blog for each microphone, what we like about it and what we use it for.  For now, let it be known that we don’t go out and buy microphones all the time.  Part of running a business where we can provide low rates requires us to be pretty frugal with our purchases.  So what did we buy?

Shure PG57-XLR


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Why Did We Buy It?


The classic PG57 is a versatile instrument mic that is particularly effective on electric-guitar amp and snare drum. The mic’s output is lower than that of other dynamic instrument mics in my arsenal. On electric guitar, the PG57 has a bright character that brings out the upper mids nicely. A frequency rolloff starting at around 200 Hz helps keep the low mids clear. The PG57 works well for both clean and distorted amp tones. On snare, the mic’s tight midrange emphasizes the attack more than the body or rattle of the snare’s sound.  You could also use the PG57 to record the neck in a dual mic acoustic recording paired with a large condenser mic like our MXL 990’s.


At $39 and change right now it is a dynamic mic bargain.  Plus, if you act quickly you can get an XLR cable with the mic free.

What About You?

Whether you are recording a scratch track before coming into the studio or mixing your own song the PG57 provides a quality dynamic microphone with versatility and economy.  Happy recording!

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