Studio Notes

How To Prepare For Recording

Many times at Bridge Recording we work with bands that are new to the recording process so we thought that we would write a quick blog about how to prepare as a musician for the process so you get the most out of the experience.

Prepare Mentally

You’ve got a great song, when you get ready to head into the studio you should take a look at your song from a couple perspectives.

What do you as an artist want out of the song?

It seems a simple thing, but music is a creative journey and no two artists are the same.  Know your song, know what you want out of it.


No matter what genre or type of song you’ve got to consider arrangement.  Make every verse, chorus, bridge a journey musically.  Change something, even if it’s subtle.  This helps keep your audience engaged.

Prepare Physically

These things are fairly simple so I won’t belabor a huge commentary on why.  You’re recording, this is permanent, make every effort to make your instruments sound the best they can.

  • New Guitar Strings
  • New Bass Strings
  • New Drum Heads

Don’t underestimate the impact of making sure your instrument is fit.

Be ready to play, practice practice practice.  You don’t want to be making music up in the studio.  Lastly, don’t let recording be the first time your band hears your part on it’s own.  I don’t know how many times a band has been surprised by a note or a chord that was being played all the time live but just didn’t hear outside of the scrutiny of a recording session.

What To Expect

Most experienced studio’s will provide you with a plan or an outline of the recording stages.  Know the plan and schedule, respect the schedule, come to play.

That’s all for this issue of the Studio Notes, hope you all have an amazing day.

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